14 Hart Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3RN
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The walk from the station takes no more than ten minutes, and there are taxis if you have a significant amount of luggage.

Here are the walking instructions:

Take the Princes Street exit from Waverley. Turn right and go along to the Balmoral Hotel. Cross over towards the equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington and then go down Leith Street – which will be on your left. Once you have reached the Picardy Roundabout, then cross from the Conan Doyle pub to the bar called The Street. Go down Broughton Street – on your left – and turn into Forth Street. Hart Street runs down from Forth Street. We are at the bottom on the left.


There are three ways of reaching 14 Hart Street from the airport: by taxi, bus or tram. A taxi will take you straight to our door; the bus will take you to the city’s main railway station, Waverley, and the tram will take you to York Place, its city-centre terminus, which is only a stone’s throw from Hart Street. If you come by bus then you should follow the walking instructions that appear under “From the Railway Station”. This walk takes less than ten minutes. If you come by tram then you should alight at York Place and cross over to St Paul and St George’s Church. From there go down Broughton Street and cross over into Forth Street. Hart Street runs down from Forth Street, and we are at the bottom on the left.


We are located just off the Picardy Roundabout where the East End of Princes Street (with its extension down Leith Street), York Place and Leith Walk are connected with each other. Broughton Street is north of the roundabout, and from here you turn right into Forth Street and then left into Hart Street. There is pay-and-display parking in the bays in the street. This operates from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Parking in Hart Street and the surrounding Zone-six Streets is free out-with these hours, and is also free at the weekends when it is also possible to park in the residents’ bays and on the single yellow lines. Bear in mind that Forth Street is in a different Parking Zone, and is not free on Saturdays. There is a four-hour limit in the pay-and-display bays, so many of our guests prefer to park in the National Car Park facility under the St James’ Centre in Elder Street ncp.co.uk/parking-solutions/cities/edinburgh. This is a few minutes on foot from Hart Street. The charges here are comparable to the pay-and-display rates, and this car park is open on a 24-hour basis.